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history is love
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Random randomness

Saw "The Ghost an The Darkness", was on TV. Man eating lions. Gosh, I want to go to Africa!! Apparently the bodies of the lions are in some museum in Illinois, so I guess I'll go there too.

Modern tomorrow. Triple death.

I don't listen to "Waterloo" enough, I've decided, so i've stuck it on repeater. There's music.....and there's ABBA which is on a scale of it's own. With the Beatles.

Have got even cluckier lately, if you believe that it is possible considering I've tried to kidnap babies before, lol.

I want to write to someone Swedish. No, I want to go to Sweden. Full stop. Sweden and the Congo.

"And how could I ever refuse? I feel like I win but I loooooosssee"

x Mel
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    Waterloo- ABBA

(no subject)

Alright, I've had enought of this beating round the bush nonsense. I want the snooty-nosed, arrogant little upstart who dobbed to the school to come foward so I can at least know the person who has succeeded not in hurting me (if thats what you wanted) but a lovely person. I hope you feel good about yourself.

On a more lighter note, I got my exams muddled today,somehow confusing extension english with extension maths. Joel is right. I am a fool.

Bought a new ABBA CD.

Anyways, whoever the - it was, just come forward so I can rip out your throat already and stop having to suspect everybody.

----I do love all the rest of you though, darlings!!-----
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    The Winner Takes It All- ABBA

(no subject)

The Optus man came out to fix our phone, and thus saved the internet!! MAybe I got a bit too excited when I was rambling about marriage and telling him that he was my hero but 5 days without the net was death.

So, I am just going to check my emails then there is an extension english essay with 'memorise' on it waiting for me.

x Mel
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(no subject)

Popular interests among Horsegal98's friends
1. writing (5) 11. victor garber (3)
2. gay rights (4) 12. harry potter fanfiction (3)
3. harry potter (4) 13. johnny depp (3)
4. movies (4) 14. reading (3)
5. teacher/student (3) 15. coffee (3)
6. dogs (3) 16. piano (3)
7. books (3) 17. music (3)
8. sexy teachers (3) 18. alcohol (3)
9. marilyn monroe (3) 19. lord of the rings (3)
10. teachers (3) 20. nymphets (3)
Interests gestalt
My most interesting friend is daisakura who has 11 of these interests,
followed by evilbarber14 (11), idontmissuatall (8) and iamleonardnimoy (7).
Normality Index
My friends are 58.61% normal.
Analyze me !
Popular interests created by _imran_

Yeh, right. Like I haven't heard that before.

Will your LiveJournal friends betray you?
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This friend will betray you karebear8699
This friend will talk about you behind your back evilbarber14
This friend will kill your pet blackpaper
This friend will stay by your side blackpaper
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This friend will murder you. (oh poor you) tigra_666
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Yes I will quiz spam because I can

let's see:
your name
do you smoke?
do you drink?
stronger drugs?
your favourite activity
you are A chatter box
you wish you were Dating your friends girlfriend/boyfriend
you hope It's not too late
people think you are An odd ball
intelligent people though, think you are Exceptional
but, really, you're just A wild horse
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Number Of Institutional Days You Will Have 1682
Who You Will Meet There A.J. From The Backstreet Boys
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Hmm. How does one reply when random African has proposed marriage???
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